Travel Tourist Information Guide - South America - Bolivia

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Travel Tourist Information Guide - South America - Bolivia

Post by Admin on Wed Dec 21, 2016 9:22 pm

This forum is for backpackers and travelers who love to write and share their experiences with other backpackers and travelers.

We are also working on developing a website named Travel Tourist Information Guide with an objective to help backpackers and travelers with the necessary information, guidance, advise & tips regarding things to do, top activities, parks, museums, places of interest, excursions, fun day trips, tours, outings, nightlife, bars, clubs, pubs, discos, drinking, live music, entertainment, accommodation, hotels, suites, hostels, hostals, apartments, cheap places to stay, boarding, lodging, transport, public & private including taxis, buses, metros & trains so that they can plan their travel accordingly.

Below are the links to some of the pages we have worked on for South America:
We periodically review and update these pages in an endeavour to provide accurate and latest information that can be helpful to travelers.

Your comments and reviews are welcome as they will help us in making the site better. So please feel free to let us know your opinion about the above pages.

Further, if you are interested in earning while you are on the move, please send your details to as we would shortly be hiring for various positions which involve online work. All you need is a laptop/smartphone with good internet connectivity.


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